Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, January 5, 2015

A Day at the Museum

I took this through the window!

Today, we headed down to the *BIG* city of Dallas.  **Please note all the bridges that cross each other, go under and over each other, with 7-8 lanes of traffic one direction!~

Lexi and Belle got to play weather lady, Pa and Belle created drops of gas with hand-powered
energy, while Heath moved around a robot with a remote control, and Belle stood on a
life-sized frog.

We went to a very large several story museum of life science.  It was really fun and the kids had fun learning.  This day was a part of the kids' homeschooling program. I got to experience such a precious moment when the kids turned to me immediately when they saw the 'Big Bang Theory" exhibit.  They told me not to listen to that one and to be extremely careful about the teaching of evolution in that area of the museum and that God created the world.  Good job creation Bill and Alicia!

Heath with Elijah

~Enjoying our day!~

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