Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Well, I made it to the pool yesterday morning before my 7 am Friday Morning Meeting.....but, as soon as I sat down in my car at the Y, my pants ripped out, yep, just like that, they were goners.  You probably guessed it...yes, right down the middle, in the back!

As I pulled into work, the sun was just peeking up over the horizon.  My coworker was just headed in as well.  Just as soon as I could lay my stuff down in my office, I headed to the bathroom to change into my nice new grey yoga pants.  I am soooo very grateful that so early on this morning, I chose to grab my nice new loose fitting yoga pants instead of my grungy ole' navy and gold Nike sweats.  Blessings everywhere!

Since my coworker saw me go into the office, right at daybreak, in jeans and then come back out in yoga pants, I felt that he needed an explanation before walking into our meeting.  All said and done, it was the running joke for the rest of the day.  Thank goodness I didn't have to present to a bunch of guys in my ripped jeans!

So, after work, I visited Heath at his new office, like I mentioned yesterday.  It was fun!  As soon as I got there he asked me if I wanted to go to Colorado.  Of course, but curious what the occasion was, I had to ask.  I have to brag on him a little, he is a great listener!  I had called him earlier in the day to tell him about my pant issue and so the reason he wanted to head to CO was to go jean shopping.  In his words, "To buy my Baby some new jeans."

We headed home and threw a few items in a bag, grabbed the dogs, and we were off.  We dropped the dogs at Gram and Pa's house on our way out.  They enjoy having the dogs once in a while and we appreciate the help!  We stopped at Outback Steakhouse in Cheyenne for supper.  Boy, was mine awesome!  I had some teriyaki kabobs with a sweet potato, YUM!  Heath ordered a steak, but his wasn't nearly as memorable as mine, bummer.

Heath had booked a hotel in Fort Collins.  We reached it safely with full bellies and looking forward to some good sleep.

That catches us up to today, Saturday, the day before our one year anniversary!  When we woke up, Heath turned on CMT (Country Music Television), went down to get the hotel breakfast and brought it to me in bed, while I listened to the music and read the Bible donated by the Gideons!  Beautiful!  He is so thoughtful and I know he listens to me because he picked out all the same things I would have picked out for myself to eat.  YUM!

After breakfast, I hit the trail.  Heath was super sweet and drove me over to the trail I used to run and bike in graduate school.  It was fantastic because I needed to run and what better place than where Katie Huffman and I used to run together in school.  Oh, the memories!  Hoping Huff is enjoying her mission/study abroad trip!  It was a beautiful day!  Heath is a wonderful man as he waited in the car for me while I finished up my run!

We did some jean shopping before heading home.  Heath is a very good person to shop with because he will pick out stuff that he wants me to try on and then give me feedback.  He is such a good balance for me who is always rushing and not enjoying the moments.  His demeanor helps me stay calm and try to take my time to enjoy some things instead of rushing through life and missing everything.

We quickly picked up the dogs on the way home and Gram donated some biscuits and potatoes to the cause (so we didn't have to stop at the store).  My professor from graduate school recently took a new position up at the college.  In his transition from Colorado State University to Panhandle Research Station here in Western Nebraska, we have been wanting to get together with him and his wife.  I really want to introduce him to Heath.  After putting this date on the calendar for about a month, we got to enjoy their company tonight.  Heath used the new can cooker from his brother and sister-in-law and we had a wonderful dinner with even better fellowship.  What a great couple!

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