Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

$24 One-Way Flight

A couple weeks back, Barb was able to get me a deal on my one-way flight home.  She had a special email that allowed her to purchase my ticket for $5 plus taxes and fees for a total of $24!  It was definitely a red-eye, but it couldn't have worked out better.  My father-in-law, Garry, and husband got up early with me in Texas to take me to the Dallas airport.  It was a fun ride.  From the time they dropped me off at the airport until I landed in Denver, it was smooth sailing.  I had really been praying for a great trip and a nice person to sit next to during my flight.  Turns out, I sat next to a pharmacy student who was headed back to Denver for school.  He was nice and then after a few minutes of chatting, we were both able to take a nap.  This was a huge blessing!

My daddy, who has been watching our farm for us, came to pick me up at the Denver airport with our doggies.  They had to get up super early also to make it to Denver.  I think my flight got in around 7 am with the time change.  So, we got to go eat a big and yummy breakfast at the ole' traditional country store, Cracker Barrel.

A cute *LOVE* sign at Cracker Barrel.

We had decent roads until Cheyenne, where we stopped to get gas.  Literally, as soon as we got back into the truck after fueling up and letting the dogs go to the bathroom, it started snowing sideways.  Fortunately, we were only in it for a short time before getting back into the decent weather.

After arriving home safely, we all relaxed from our early morning adventures.

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