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Love Is....

Friday, January 9, 2015

Plano Triathlon Results

I have anxiously been awaiting the triathlon results.  I have been so curious which event was my strongest, next strongest, and then least strongest.  This will allow me to train appropriately by spending time on the events that need the most attention while working on the little details in my better events which to make me faster.

The scoring works like this:  there were 50 total entries into the race, so the person with the most lengths in the pool will get 50 points and then the next highest amount of laps gets 49 points and so on.  They do this same point system for the bike and the swim and then add up all your points at the end to give you your final score.  They, then, use this score to place you overall and then into male and female categories (they thought I was a male, so I am mixed in with the boys!)  This is the first one I have ever done like this.

Turns out that my swim was my strongest race, then my run, and then my bike.  All the work on my swimming has been due to my hip surgery.  It was one of my physical therapy exercises.  I can remember when I would crutch over to the side of the pool and Heath would slowly lower me down into the water for my exercises.  After I got stronger, I was able to get into and out of the pool on my own.  I then used the buoy between my legs to help them float and actually tied them together so that I wouldn't use my new hip quite yet, they became total dead weight.  I was able to figure out how to  swim strong with my arms and do a flip turn with this thing between my legs.  This went on for a long time until I finally decided one day to start trying to swim for real again a few more laps each day.  At first, I found that my legs actually slowed me down, but once I got back used to it, I then had to work on my timing with the flip turn.  Through time, patience, perseverance, and determination, I was able to swim again!  Last summer, I even got to swim outside at the Splash Area for a few months which was fun!  THEN, when we moved back into the newly renovated Y.M.C.A. pool, I met Stella.  *SteLLa* came into the picture and started training me and perfecting my stroke. 

Running used to be my best event.  Had I not had surgery, I do believe that running would still be my best event and I do not believe I would have excelled like I did in my swimming.  Something good comes out of everything!  My run, in this race however, was my next best event putting my bike at my least strongest.  I better get serious about that biking thing!  Heath and I bought trainers for our bikes to use indoors this winter.  Biking here I come!

Score:  swim ~  43 ~ bike ~ 27 ~ run ~ 33 ~ TOTAL ~ 103
Results:  15th place overall and 4th for women 
(they put me as a male, so I don't show up with the women)

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