Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Answers to Prayers

Yesterday, I had the answers to alot of prayers.  I closed on  my house and I finally have some answers to my MRI that I had almost three weeks ago.

I have been praying about the house and how if I should buy it instead of renting.  It has been a great transition with sweet Delton and Carol (the owners) and Farrell (our realtor).  I feel like I can share this house in so many ways!  My Daddy is coming tomorrow to help me start working on it.  I just love doing stuff like this.  We will get to bond and he can teach me soo very much about remodeling!

My doctor called me today too about my hip!  He is still pretty adamant about  it being a labral tear, but wants to conclude that with more x-rays during my in-person appointment on Friday.  Depending on what he sees, he might pursue a full back MRI to see that my scoliosis isn't affecting anything.  Good news is that surgery for the labral tear is a repair with only 4-6 months of non-weight bearing compared to a full reconstruction which is 9-12 months of non-weight bearing!  WOW, with all that time to be on crutches and focus on my upper-body, my arms will be in great shape!  :)

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