Love Is....

Love Is....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Daddy's First Day at Work!

I tried to sleep until 7 am today to get some rest and let my hip rest.  I was up a lot just checking on the dogs (Miss Mya is staying to play with Grandpa during the days).  When I had stared at the ceiling long enough, I got up and fixed breakfast and got ready.

Dad and I went into get all his paperwork taken care of so that he could start helping me at Stateline.  While we were waiting on places to open, we got a few more supplies for the house at Menard’s.  Once back at work, I got Dad started on the dock floor.  We went over to Johnson Cashway and got him supplies and he worked the rest of the day on that floor.  It looks fantastic and is 100% safer as there are no longer any huge gaping cracks/crevices for Auntie Liz to fall into.

Heath invited us over for supper tonight and made a wonderful supper.  We all got to eat together with the boys.  After supper, Dad helped Andrew work on a napkin holder for his grandma.  They were super cute out there working together.

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