Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, May 18, 2013


I just have to write real quick about today before I go to bed.  This has been quite a week of unexpecteds at work when Heath was out of town.  He got back in town late last night and we agreed that we both need to go in this morning to take care of a few things.  He picked me up and we went to Bridgeport this morning so that he could check in with the guys and I could work on my safety meeting stuff for our Monday meetings.  (On the way there, I got to speak with my WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL 89 year old grandmother in Pleasant Hill, Illinois.  What a truly wonderful blessing to have her.)  We left around noon to head to Silver Spur Feeders for some compost.  It's a feedlot that uses this really cool machine to "cook" their manure and somehow take all the smell out of it.  I am really impressed by it.  They sell it for $25 a pickup load.
We got it back to the house and Heath started working on that and Dad and I went into Melbeta to get some things to start burning ditches.  We need to get all the trash-weeds, dirt, dead things-out so water will run smoothly through them this summer.  We have to hurry and get them cleaned out because my wonderful farmer neighbor offered to help pull them for us.  He has a two week window between planting different crops.  Irrigation water is coming sometime in June although no date has been established because this is an "allocation" year.  I want to be ready!
My friend and roomie, from the House on Highland, came over to visit today.  I put her to work as we set the cinder blocks up around my garden that Heath was tilling.  Mr. Delton and Carol Herman, previous owners, dropped off the tiller for me to use just out of the goodness of their hearts.  By the way, today is their 50 year anniversary!  Congratulations to them for being such a great example to us all!  :)
Once Heath got done with the tilling, he looked at the line we were creating with the blocks and wondered if I was ok....apparently it was not straight and for a man that worked in landscaping for 10 years, he noticed....surprising because I am the anal one!  :)  So we decided to get the right tools tomorrow and finish it then.
Amy and I headed into Melbeta again to get some more supplies for Dad to continue to burn.  He stayed and babysat the fire (and the dogs).  When we got back, Heath was in painting a sample in my bedroom to see if I would like it in the sun tomorrow!  He then suggested that Amy take me to Home Depot and pick out colors of paint for my wall in the living room and dining room so we can continue to work on the hardwood floors.  We are currently waiting to sand them and make them nice until I get colors decided on for the walls.
We stopped by Liz's house for some advice and to look at her newly painted house.  I really like the way the white trim just pops out at you as you drive by, it is beautiful!  They showed us a program on the iPhone that you can take a picture of your room and then "paint" it with different samples with your finger on the touch screen.
Heading to Home Depot was a really good choice because Miss Amy kept me on track extremely well and helped me actually make a decision.  It was a productive run and I purchased 3 samples of paint to see if any of them would work.  We went with a light, medium, and dark kind of tan colors...thinking very neutral for now and then deciding later on other accents once I get everything else done and my furniture in place.  So exciting!
We got back through the rain!  Blessings!  Wonderful since the just got done drilling my seed last night!  Anyway, we painted all three samples by a wooden door frame.  We have taken all the light fixtures down, so we will have to wait until tomorrow to actually see the difference, but we both agreed on the lightest one we picked out.  Made the beautiful wood trim "pop" and was a warm/neutral color to start with.

More tomorrow on other much fun!  Got to call Mom on the way home today and tell her all about this crazy color picking out and progress we are making on the house.

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