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Love Is....

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hip Injection

I slept in and did not get up to workout today.  I was awake a lot during the night.  Anyway, I got to work, in Gering, and started preparing for my safety meeting as it is the first Monday of the month. 

At 9:15 am Heath and I headed up to the hospital.  The radiology department was able to get me in very quickly for my injection (just since Friday).  This was a very quick and simple procedure.  I was in and out very quickly.  They got me into scrubs and I sat and talked with the radiology nurse for quite some time as we waited for the doctor.  She then got me up onto the table and untied my scrub pants.  Pretty much just flopped me open right then and there.  She did the surgical scrub deal and then covered me up like they do in the movies so that everything was sterile.  I had a boy doctor this time, so the nurse was super sensitive to get me all covered up before he came in.  He first numbed the hip with a local anesthetic and then started injecting dye into the hip joint (deep).  This was the cool part.  In order to know that he was in the joint, he injected the dye and we saw on the t.v. screen as we watched the x-rays of my hip with the needle (metal) and dye being injected.  Once he found he was actually in the hip joint, he injected a non-steroid short lasting pain reliever.  As soon, as we were done they got me up and said…. “Ok, how does it feel?”  I’m like “are you kidding me, you just stuck 3 needles into me and you are asking me how it feels?”  You have got to be joking.  Nope.  She had to write down how it felt immediately afterwards on a scale of 1-10.  Well, hopefully it will feel better in a few days.  I am supposed to call my surgeon’s nurse on Thursday, three days after the procedure to see if it took the pain away, even for just a few hours.

Now it was time to change back into my clothes from the scrub pants.  Wowwwzers!  I wasn’t really expecting it to work quite like this….I reached down to put back on my unmentionables and I couldn’t do it.  Exactly….I couldn’t put my own ______ on.  Ok, so I kinda started to cry kinda laughed, and then I just stood there pondering my situation in this tiny little dressing room at this hospital in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  My leg was kind of numb so I was unable to lift it upwards in a forward motion and it had a catch in it when I bent down to try that way.  I was definitely a sight to see.  I contemplated pulling on the little string for the nurse to come help me, but he was a guy from church, so I didn’t really want to ask him for help putting on my pants.  Eventually I figured it out.  This was a wakeup call that if I do have the surgery, I will probably be totally incapable of a lot of things right away.  Oh, boy.  What a humbling experience for Kinsey.

Heath was super sweet to sit out in the waiting room and wait for me.  He was doing his favorite thing in the world when I got out….chitchatting with some woman who wouldn’t stop talking to him.  He helped me to the car as my leg felt just a bit weird.  Pretty similar to the dye they injected for my MRI a few weeks ago and we headed back to work.

I had everything ready as far as information goes for my meeting, but I had technical difficulties at Bridgeport and they were totally unable to hear my safety videos.  L  Humiliating for me, but a free lunch and break for them!

After work, I went over to my new house where Daddy had been working all day!  He had completely removed all the popcorn off of the ceiling in the big living room area and was starting on the bedrooms downstairs.  He is awesome!  Just curious, have you ever raked your living room?!

He was really concerned about my hip so he told me to relax.  Well, we all know me and that didn't happen.  I got myself a pair of pliers and sat myself down on the floor.  DISCOVERY 101:  WOOD FLOORS UNDER CARPET.  I grabbed a few extra tools and started ripping up the carpet and tack boards.  BEAUTIFUL!  Well, definite potential!  How awesome!  Now, wood floors in big living room and kitchen....what's next?!


On the way home, I cried because my hip hurt so bad.  I don’t know if it was more of a “they stuck needles in me sore” or if I was just half hoping/half expecting that to make it feel better” so they could proceed to surgery to help get this show on the road to recovery.

Made it home and it is just so nice to have someone to talk to and somehow all my dirty dishes  seem to disappear!  J

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Mittie Helm said...

Your house has changed so much since this post. Hope to see more changes!