Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Dad was here and we all worked outside mowing, trimming, cutting down dead trees, brush, and burning ditches.  It was a full production day as Garry, Heath, and Dad were all here helping me out.  We got a lot accomplished!

When I went to get some water for the dogs, out of the faucet, I found there was nothing.  Noting that, I went inside to use the water and still nothing.  Just about that time Garry was coming up to the house to get cleaned up for his supper plans.  I told him about not having water and he immediately redirected to the well house and started taking stuff apart.  Let me give you a visual of this well house…..crawl in a hole, mouse poop, dark, possible snakes, creepy….this is a project in and of itself for another day at another time.  Garry hopped right down in there and started checking stuff.  After a little while he decided he’d have to come back tomorrow with some more tools to work on it more seriously.

 For the evening, since no water, Dad, Heath, and I loaded up and went over to Heath’s house.  Heath made us a wonderful supper in which Dad was super impressed.  The boys were at their mom’s so Heath changed the sheets on Justin’s bed for Dad.  He took a shower and hit the sack in that nice, dark basement.

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