Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Popcorn Removal

I got up relatively early this morning and made breakfast for Daddy.  Then, I headed over to Heath’s house to load up some of my totes that were in storage at his house.  We loaded them up and headed to Sunday school and church.

It was really cool because Wayne, our Sunday school teacher, had his family there from England. His mother and two brothers were here this weekend to celebrate his graduation from Frontier School of the Bible.  They surprised him completely with coming!  How awesome!

We celebrated Mother’s day after church with Barb, Garry, and the boys.  Dad wants Heath and I to get away next weekend to Colorado, so we celebrated early. 

After church I met Daddy over at my house and Heath helped us unload the totes and he headed to help someone with their sprinkler.  Dad and I started the big undertaking of “popcorn removal.”  At first we were not sure how it was going to turn out.  After we got the concept of soaking down, it came off much easier.  We did, however, decided that we wanted to both be working at the same time to increase efficiency (he raised me!).  We took a little break and headed to Menard’s to purchase a really nice 7’ step ladder for my new place.  It’s yellow too!

Heath came back after he dropped the boys off to youth group.  He helped take down the rest of the fixtures on the ceiling to help us move along faster (and to cut us off because once it got dark, we didn’t have any lights).  Dad and I finished the kitchen eating area.  We decided that the best method was to just leave it on the floor in a big heaping mess until it dried because it was pretty heavy.

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