Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, February 8, 2013

Colorful Colorado

Yesterday, when I left Dad's place, it was snowing up in the mountains!  It was amazing that we could be hiking all day that morning as well as the previous day and then be all covered in snow.  It was so pretty looking out over the mountains covered in a blanket of white.

On my way to Nebraska, I stopped by to see Katie in Fort Collins.  It was wonderful!  She had about an hour, so I met her at her work and we walked to a coffee shop.  We both got chai tea and sat outside in the sun with Briggsy.  I am SO very happy to be close to her again!  We are only about 2.5 hours apart now!  Sounds like I will be running the Horsetooth Half marathon with her and Corey this April. Heath is considering it also!  :)  Yay for running!

Today, Friday, I started off my day by getting the boys breakfast and off to school.  Then ,I went for an awesome run on the ditch road.  I ended up doing a loop, which are hard to do without going way further or way shorter than you want to go.  It was the perfect temperature and sunny!  Briggs had alot of fun too!

After my run, I showered and quickly headed to town to go to the bank and to pick up my vacuum cleaner from the shop.  I returned home just in time to meet Barb, Heath's mom, to head back to town with the truck and horse trailer to get Penney.  Before we went to get her, we stopped by the physical therapist.  Someone recommended PT for my hip flexor which has been hurting for 15 months now.  I was in there over an hour. I'm really hoping this helps because it is starting to keep me up at night.

When we went to pick up Miss Penney, we ran into Delton at the house.  He is working really hard, getting ready to sell the place.  I am very interested in it as it has a barn and 32 acres with 20 acres of water rights.  We will see if I can afford it though.  I am working on getting the paperwork done to get pre-qualified so that I know what my budget is going to be.  Anyway, Delton showed us around and we daydreamed some ideas about what could be done with the place.  Tons of options!

He was getting rid of alot of old windows and I asked if I could have them.  He was very happy because it saved him a trip to the dump.  I saw a really cool idea when I was with my Daddy.  His friends had made a greenhouse out of all old windows and they extended their growing season almost 3 months!  Another project for me!  :)

We got Miss Penney moved to Senkel's until we can get the corrals by my house all fixed up.  I hung out with Penney to make sure she was comfortable when I got a call from Danny.  He wondered why I was not there yet.  Today is the last day of goose season with only 3 shooting hours left and I wasn't there.  

LIFE:  To hang out with horse or to go hunting?!  What an awesome day!  Both great things!

After getting Penney all set up I headed north to get in on some of the goose action as the season was quickly coming to a close.  We ended up with 8 total!  Not a bad way to end the season.  I didn't even have coveralls on because it was so nice out!

When we had put the decoys away for the last time this season, Heath and I had to go back to Stegall to get the flatbed.  We were on a mission to go get hay for Penney.  A guy, Joe, from church grows alfalfa still had some available.  Hay is really tight this year because everyone has been so dry.  So, we had an adventure of an hour and half round trip to get hay.  Joe had the big square bale (1,700 pounds) all ready to go on his tractor so all we had to do was drop it on the back of the truck.

What a day!  :)

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