Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, February 1, 2013

Last Day

Today Heath and I did all the good things in Manhattan.  We went to Orange Leaf, our favorite frozen yogurt place for one.  Now let me give you a quick description for those of you who have not had the wonderful opportunity to experience this.  When you walk in they greet you and you pick up a cup.  Now, you are faced with tons of choices of soft serve frozen yogurt of all flavors.  The flavors change monthly and seasonally, so get your favorites while they last!  Each machine has two individual flavors and the one in the middle is a twist of the two individual flavors.  I, personally, like to mix and match and try all the good ones in one cup.  Then comes the Subway bar of toppings!  At the end they have the all dreaded scale!  You pay $0.41/once.  TOTALLY worth it, don't get me wrong.  In honor of your patronage, they give you an "ounce back" on a credit card looking thing.  What an amazing entrepreneur idea.  We went there to use all the money off of my "ounce back" card and then gave us another dollar off.  :)

Next, we went to McAllisters, a rare find towards the end of the semester.  I finally treated myself to their infamous sweet tea with lemon!

Our last stop was Baan Thai, my favorite thai food place just down the hill from my house.  I especially wanted to take Heath here because of this story.  One time during a rough patch in vet school, Heath really wanted to order me supper to make it easier for me.  So he asked me what I wanted and I suggested Baan Thai because my roomies seem to like it alot.  He, being the wonderful man that he is, called and ordered it for me.  The people at the restaurant were very sweet to him, but they could not take credit card over the phone.  So, when I went to pick up my phone, they apologized to me and told me that I had a good man.  I agreed.  I was very glad that he got to go here with me.

Another phone snapshot at Baan Thai!  :)
After lunch, we went to pick up the UHaul and went home to start loading.  Heath packed that thing to perfection.  I couldn't have come close if I tried.  Then it was time to start cooking for my going away Wild Game Feed supper.  Heath so kindly brought duck, goose, and pheasant from Nebraska to cook for my friends.  We had a potluck and everyone brought my favorite dishes, including Melissa's Snicker Apple Salad and Shannon's jalapeno corn bread.

We had a really nice turn out!  Heath marinaded the goose two ways:  Italian dressing and the other batch with lemon juice and garlic.  He wrapped Nebraska raised bacon around the duck and the pheasant we did it in a little soy sauce, garlic, and butter.  What a treat and a cool thing to share with my friends.  Some had never had it before.  This was my first time to have pheasant and it was definitely a winner!

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