Love Is....

Love Is....

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Great Day!!

Yesterday, Daddy made homemade bread, eggs, and bacon this morning for breakfast for us.  It was so delicious!  I haven't been able to make that good of bread ever, I was very impressed.  After breakfast, I made a bunch of phone calls and did some work and then we took Briggsy for a 2 hour hike.  It was a beautiful hike with occasional snow on the ground for Briggs to play in and get a drink.  We came back to the house to work a little bit on a few things and the we ate lunch a little restaurant downtown.  I had an excellent hamburger and sweet potato fries.  I was too full for a homemade milkshake.  We went back and relaxed a bit and I took a shower and shaved for my massage at 5 pm.  

Dad told me that a massage really helped him when his leg was hurting so I decided to try it.  My hip flexor has been hurting me now for 15 months and after a 14 race racing season for 2012, it is time to get it fixed.  I was very pleased with this massage by Karla.  It was an injury massage, not a feel good massage.  She really worked on that area and it actually hurt on a scale of 1-10 a 10 for parts of it, but by the end, she had worked blood flow back into my hip and I could lift it without it hurting.  She told me no stretching, to take a hot bath tonight, and lots of water to wash out the toxins and lactic acid that she released.  I could get back to exercising and stretching after 24 hours.

As we were driving home from the massage it started snowing.  We went inside and Dad and I cooked supper together.  Then, I helped him rearrange his kitchen.  We had alot of fun and a great meal together!  After supper, we took a nice walk to the post office in the gently falling snow.  Briggs loved it!

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