Love Is....

Love Is....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Good Day!!

Great day in Bridgeport.  I was able to carpool with Heath to work and we got alot done today.  We are working on a ten minute presentation on food safety and OSHA for our board meeting tomorrow evening.    Also today, we rearranged some things to get my new office all ready to go for tomorrow.  My new desk will be delivered!  Thank you Danny for moving to the basement!  You are awesome!

I went to the far after work today to work on it again.  I am almost done with the kitchen!  Dad is coming this weekend to help me work on it!

Productivity is happening!!  :)

The picture above was taken by my good buddy Mr. Nickolas Henning.  This is in honor of him becoming "Mr. Vet School" today!  Congrats Nick!  :)

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