Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, February 22, 2013

Week In Review

Wow, time slipped by me this week very quickly!  Here is a quick snapshot of the week:

Monday-First safety meetings of the year at work.  Heath presented and I demonstrated safety harness assembly and use as well as confined spaces and bin entry permission forms.  We worked on my house after work.

Tuesday-Lots of progress being made at work.  Everyday goes by quickly because there are so many projects!  It's awesome!  (On the way to work, the boys were bonding....)

Wednesday-Tons of snow geese landing in the field outside of the office...just teasing us!  They were mixed in with the Canadians.  This is a picture mainly of the Canadian (phone pic....not very clear, but you get the point!).

Thursday-Difficult times at work as we work through some encouragement for motivation and acceptance.

Friday-Visits from John, Liz, and Tyler.  Hang out with Liz after work, brainstorming.  I took this beautiful shot right outside the office doors in Bridgeport as I was headed home, reminding me that God is Great!  :)

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