Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, February 25, 2013


Well, I did it.  I was told on Friday in my physical therapy appointment to go ahead and try running, so I did that on Sunday.  So I decided swimming would be ok today.  My physical therapist has not put any restrictions on my motion at this point.  I set out to swim a mile (36 laps or 72 lengths) and to be leaving Gering at 6:45 am so we could get to Bridgeport to load a container.  I did it!  I was a bit late, which I told my chauffeur would not happen again.  I am working on it!  I have my 'getting ready' down to a mere 15 minutes which allows me more time to work out...but sometimes I am 30 seconds or a 2 minutes late.  Today, I was about 5 minutes late.

Briggs was pretty tired today.  He didn't even want to chew on the bone Auntie Liz so graciously gave to him.  Holding down the carpet at the office.  Great security!  :)

Speaking of Auntie Liz, she really wanted to see my potential new home.  We met Delton out there and he showed us around.  He is so SUPER sweet.

I had a great evening at my house.  I got home by 6:30 pm and had the whole night to myself with Briggsy and Miss Penney!  Ahh life!  :)

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