Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I went to the Y this morning and used the elliptical to try to alleviate some of my hip pain.  You see, I swam a mile on Monday morning and had to take Tuesday off because I was up all night with the soreness.  Today, I thought I would  try something with a little less motion in that area.  Turns out it was ok, but  not great.  I am glad that I have a physical therapy appointment on Friday again.  I am really thinking that there is something wrong.

On a lighter note, my Mama  has been in Arizona with Grandma for the past two weeks.  They have gotten to spend some quality time together.  When I talked to her the other night, she said that they were having an ice storm!  CRAZY!!  The previous day she sent me pictures of her in the outdoor swimming pool!  She leaves for home tomorrow!  My Uncle Jim is going to stay with Grandma for the next period of time!  :)

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