Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, June 21, 2013

God's Hand

Today my boss let me have an easy day.  So blessed!  Yesterday was my first day back to work and even though I was at my desk most of the day it was still 15 hours from when I left the house to when I got home. Any other time, that is pretty normal, but since Mom has been here, I have been pretty quite for the most part with lots of resting throughout the day.  Worked on a few things and work and got the rest of my pictures hung up in the office then headed to my follow up appointment with Dr. Sarin here in Scottsbluff.

Heath took me and he listened to the doc and is my witness to what he said!  HUGE blessings!  Healing is coming along great!  They removed the stitches today and it was a breeze, way better than I expected!  I walked in on crutches since there is quite a bit of walking (even though Heath dropped me off at the front door).  Doc wants me off crutches as I can and then get on a stationary bike on Monday morning!  Just no running, pounding, or jumping at this point, not yet anyway.  He doesn't think I need physical therapy because I can also get back in the pool and slowly start swimming again.  Unless something traumatic happens, I cannot hurt it or make it worse.  We will touch base via phone in two weeks and then I will see him again in a month!!!!  WOW!  Amazing!

On the way out, Heath took my crutches away from me and didn't offer to pick me up at the door.  LOL.  So, I guess I am off crutches now!  When I got done, I was exhausted.  Since John didn't need me back at the office I went home.  I seriously passed out.  Heath went to take Justin to "Guys Night Out" at the church and I didn't even hear him leave!  I did wake up to the wind practically blowing the screens in, so I went around and closed all the windows.  By that time Heath got back and had already taken Justin to church.  He started making dinner and I iced my hip.  Pheasant and mashed potatoes!  So lucky to have a man that can cook!

As he was cooking, we were listening to Dan Fitts chase storms around the area.  KNEB kept us up-to-date on where the bad parts were headed.  Lots of hail....some as large as a baseball!  Unbelievable!

As I was relaxing in the recliner (this hardly ever happens! the relaxing part), I saw the neighbors house was  highlighted in the sun.  I grabbed Heath and the dogs and we went out into the front yard and I got to capture this beautiful experience.  A break in the clouds passing through tonight!  God's beauty in the midst of the storm!

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