Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, June 15, 2013

~Great Day~

Slept in a bit today and then Heath made a HUGE breakfast.  I was expecting Mittie Mae and Little Miss Kasey today around 9 am.  He had breakfast made perfect timing and we just sat down to eat and Barb and Garry stopped by and joined us.  It was awesome!  I feel so strongly about sitting down with family to eat; I hold it's importance very high.

Kasey, Mittie, and Mom had not seen my new home yet, so I got my crutches and we headed to the farm.  Heath beat us there and was already hoeing the garden.  I showed them around and then I was exhaused so we headed home.  Time for a nap!  Mama and I worked on flooring ideas from our computers from the comfort of a recliner/couch!  WONDERFUL!

After several hours of rest and recharging, Heath got home.  My friend Ashley is getting married today.  I totally did not expect to be able to go, but due to everyone's prayers and a very successful surgery, I was able to start getting ready to go to the wedding.  Mama ironed my dress for me last night and Heath brought my curling iron from my house and I was able to pull it together.  (My crutches are hiding in this picture!)

Beautiful evening and beautiful weather and beautiful bride and beautiful everything!  ~Ephesians 5:22-33~

Beautiful Bride!
Beautiful mother-of-the-bride! and groom!

Gorgeous everything!

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