Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Productive Saturday

When I woke up, I had totally forgotten that I had a nurse coming from the insurance company to do some basic medical tests for my life insurance.  I am so glad that she called to remind me because I was just laying in bed working on my computer.  I got up and got dressed and about that time she arrived.  Good timing!

Heath made wonderful waffles, eggs, and sausage for us for breakfast!  It was fantastic.  Justin, Heath, the dogs, and I all loaded up to go into town.  We met with my friend Roger, from Gary's cleaning to borrow his rotary scrubber for my nice hardwood floors.  He gave us a demonstration and Justin loaded it up for us.  We then headed to Clemen's Carpet to get the flooring Mama and I had picked out.  Mr. Clemen's was awesome to work with and gave me the online pricing!  They had just enough in stock to cover my bedroom, how awesome is that!  The rest we ordered and it will be in in a couple of weeks.  Perfect, we have plenty to do to keep us busy until then!

After Clemen's we went to one last stop, Menard's.  By this point, the dogs had had it and the empty space around them was slowing creeping Mya always splits the difference and does not allow Briggsy to lay down.

I promise children, this is our last stop and then
you can swim!!  :)

Well, once we got to the farm, I fulfilled my promise to the dogs and filled their pool with cold water.  They were forever grateful and flopped ever so gracefully into the water.

When we first arrived, Heath used Roger's rotary scrubber on  my hardwood.  He went through once with the black pad and lots of water and Mr. Clean - spring scent!  It really took that white overcoat off the top, leaving big piles of mud and dirt.  I spent the next several hours going over that flooring with a mop.  I think I went over the dining room, office, and guest bedroom three times!  Each time it removed more and more dirt.  Roger also gave us a red pad which was to be used for the "polishing" stage.  We did not get to this step today.


We went along the edges of the hardwood with our knives to get what the machine couldn't reach.  Poor Heath was on his hands and knees all day-without knee pads!

Then, the boys got busy on my bedroom floor, first unrolling the blue under floor and then laying the laminate down.  I got "hand-scraped spalted maple."  It is a lighter color than I had originally thought, but after looking at lots of samples, I realized how well it hid dirt, hair, dog, etc.

Hard Work
Father~Son Team

While they were finishing up, I went to pull weeds from my garden.  Justin came out and helped as well and we pulled five 5-gallon buckets full.  Thank goodness Heath hoed it while I was down with surgery.  This was actually excellent physical therapy for my hip!

Despite all the storm warnings, we worked!  We worked, we worked, and we worked!  When the storms passed we went out to Stegall to check on Miss Penney and Tiny and Trav!  Their well went out with the storm, but Heath to the rescue, what an all around AMAZING man!  What a great day that ended perfect!  Thank you God!  :)

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