Love Is....

Love Is....

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Headed to Steamboat

Headed to Steamboat!  Heath picked me wildflowers every time we stopped!  Now, I really think the name of this beautiful dandelion should be "sunflower."  I have just  never seen a dandelion this *BIG* before.  It was absolutely gorgeous!

We arrived in Steamboat and ate at our favorite vacation fast food restaurant:  Qdoba!  I love their fajita naked burrito!  I could eat that like everyday, it's just a bunch of veggies and really good chicken and their ranchero sauce.  It's a great combination with black beans and brown rice!

Storm Mountain Orthopaedics

I finally got to meet all the wonderful people I keep talking with in Dr. Sarin's office in Steamboat.  Trinket, the office manager, helped get my pre-authorization number for my insurance and Jamie, the nurse practitioner, arranged other things for me and of course, Echo, the golden retriever was there to help relieve any pre-op stress.  It was a great appointment, just answering any last minute questions that we had.

Shortly after my appointment, we found the hospital.  Yampa Valley Medical Center, Steamboat Springs, Colorado!!!!  This has been a llloooonng time in the coming.  Praises for this all coming together (in such a BEAUTIFUL location)!  We will be here at 6 am, ready for surgery.  No food past midnight!  AHHH!

We headed up to Strawberry Hot Springs...oh this infamous place!  Senior year in college we came up here with a bunch of Nabors and Busey girls.  We had so much fun skiing and going to the hot springs.  Clothing optional after Heath and I didn't partake in this activity, but that's not saying I didn't in college!  To be fair, it is accessed by 4-wheel drive only and is in the middle of nowhere.  There are several different temperature pools with various waterfalls, nooks, and crannies where you can relax.  It is super awesome.  It is built into the side of the mountain and is made of natural stones so the bottom of the pools are rocky.  You can see just about every star out there in the sky from the pools.  Check it out:  I hope one day, you can all experience this beauty!

When we got there, we put on our suits and went to lay by the pools.  The timing was perfect because it was about 5 pm and the hot sun was gone.  I totally passed out, dead to the world.  It was incredible how much at peace I was in that moment.  I have no idea how long I was out, but felt so relaxed and at peace with everything, not feeling obligated to do anything.  It was wonderful.  When I woke up, Heath offered to go back down the mountain into town to pick us up some supper.  Still out of it, I let him go without even offering to go with him or anything.  Wow, he is super amazing!

Shish kabobs on the grill at the hot springs.

Once he left, I was sort of awake and decided to walk around and take in all the beauty around me.  I went to grab my camera and started meandering around the pools.  P.S.  Their lilacs were in full bloom and smelling fantastic!

* LIFE * IS * GOOD *

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