Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bike Accident

Our second day of the course went well.  We finished up with a very nice lunch they provided.  We ate and then had to make a rocket run to Cabela's headquarters, within viewing distance of our Sidney tractor store.  It was perfect because Heath and I were just there and got a hammer extension for my new/used gun and it did not fit once we got it home.  I was able to return it and order the correct part.  I saw about half of the people n our class there!  Great place!  :)  One of the mini bonuses of a meeting in Sidney, Nebraska.

I texted Frank on the way back and he said just to stay home, not to worry about coming back to work since there were only a few hours left in the day.  He told me to make a nice supper for my husband.  I agreed!

Being a beautiful day and since Heath was not home yet, I decided to take out my newly outfitted bike for a spin.  Finally, a day with enough light.  The days are noticeably getting shorter.

I set out 100% not sure where I wanted to go, how long I wanted to go, or when I would return other than that I wanted to make supper for Heath before Bible study.  Turns out, I headed out on 92 towards town.  As I was riding, I thought that maybe I would surprise Heath and be waiting for him where he parks his truck.  As that thought was going through my head, I heard a strange sound behind me.  It was another biker!  This is probably one of the first times this has ever happened to me here in Western Nebraska.

This older gentleman was riding up to pass me on my left and we started chatting.  During the small talk, I asked him if he had any advice (regarding biking).  He simply replied, "Love God," "Get Enough Sleep," and "Eat Right."  WOW!  Not the advice I was asking for, but even better, a Christian man.  He was super nice and not scary, so I decided to continue my ride with him.  We took the overpass right before we arrived in Gering and headed south on 71 towards the Wildcat Hills.  Beautiful day for a ride and lots of good conversation.

By the time we got to the top of the Wildcats, I was pretty sure I would super sore tomorrow.  This was going to be the longest ride and fastest ride since surgery!  As we approached the top of the Hill almost to the nature center at the top, I briefly looked over to listen to my new-found-friend and before I knew it, I was looking at the sky from the ground, bike nowhere to be seen.  Yep, you guessed it, I flew off my bike which was now laying behind me as I quickly got to my feet and tried to piece together what just happened.  My friend turned around and saw what had happened.  I was shaking really bad and bleeding from my fingers.  I told him I was fine and would just shake it off, but as I went to gather my bike, I realized that my front wheel had bent.  This was God's way of saving me from making this situation worse by trying to ride back home.  My friend told me that we could get me a ride home and started flagging down cars.  (Great!  What would Heath think of me hitch-hiking?!)  Being on the highest point in Scotts Bluff County, there is no cell reception.  I tried texting Heath to let him know what had just happened because I couldn't get my call to connect.  I didn't want him to be scared, but to know what happened and that I was ok.  He was just getting off work and headed home to get the truck to come collect all the pieces of his new bride.

Bent front wheel.

While we were waiting, my colleague's wife rode up the hill on her bike.  I had not seen her in probably three and a half years.  How ironic and awesome to see her again, even under these circumstances.  I told her we would have to get together soon as I hugged her.  About that time, my new-found-friend flagged a truck that went right on past and on down the hill.  A few seconds later, here he had turned around and was headed back up the hill.  He pulled over and guess what?!  Believe it or not, I knew this man.  He works at Schaefer's Elevator where I used to buy dog food.  Wow, GOD IS GOOD!  He offered to take me where ever I needed to go, telling me that he has had people help him in emergency biking situations in his past.  What a great blessing to live in a small town.  For those of you that know me, you know that I am not a hitch-hiking type person, so this all turned out better than could have been expected!  I had him drop me off at a local corner and called Heath to tell him that he didn't have to go all the way out to the Wildcat Hills.  While I was waiting, I got eaten absolutely alive by mosquitos.  Heath arrived and I quickly got into the car to escape the bites as he loaded my bike on the bike rack...he brought my car with the rack on it.

As we headed towards home, we talked about my accident and assessed the damage to my body.    All that I can think that happened was the inevitable when you put a skinny tire like mine off a 6 inch drop.  Basically at this point, I have no idea what happened, but I was bleeding out of my thumb, ring finger, and I knew that I had not reinjured my hip, I had not hit my head, broken any ribs or anything else for that matter.   I was surrounded by angels as I could have flown off the other side and been run over by passing cars and trucks.  About home, we had yet another accident.  My bike decided not to stay on the rack and took a tumble at 65 mph! Ooooh some more damage but material things can be fixed and luckily, I can heal!

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