Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, October 24, 2014

Craft Fair Prep

Trying to prepare for not one but *TWO* craft shows
this weekend!

Heath has been working super hard all week on building our inventory for our not ONE but TWO craft shows this Saturday!  He has now introduced a beautiful praying cowboy line.  My order of craft supplies came in, so I was able to make some Mason Jar soap dispensers.

We got to set up at the Elk's Lodge tonight so that will help make tomorrow morning go a bit smoother when we set up at the Discount Fireworks place.  Barb and Garry came to help us get set up.  Teamwork and we were done in no time at all.  With a few odds n' ends that I will bring tomorrow, we were done for the evening and headed to Runza for some quick and yummy supper!

I better get him home before he passes

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