Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday, Heath's Day "Off"

Heath had today off and he is SO a*m*a*z*i*n*g!  While I was at work today he did the following:  he got groceries and a new battery for our truck, stopped by to say hi to me at work, installed the truck battery, tried to fix our pellet stove, put laundry away, washed our sheets, put on clean sheets AND put on our *HEATED BLANKET* (=awesome!), made several horse shoe cross praying cowboys for orders, got our new bike stands set up in the barn, rode bikes with me when I got home, and had dinner ready for me after we were finished with our bike workout!  Talk about an amazing man and one really luck girl!

....and then they rested!  ~ LOVE!

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