Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, October 13, 2014

Life on A Farm

Long story short, a couple from church asked us if we would like to adopt some birds.  A gentleman they knew had to move to Cheyenne to be closer to town and he had quite a few birds that needed a new home.  This gentleman has several chickens, a few guineas, and a peacock.  A PEACOCK?!  W*h*a*t do we do with that!?  With big hearts for animals and really liking fresh eggs, we decided to weigh the pros and cons of adding birds to our already happy and settled two bird chicken flock.

You should have heard some of the questions and comments Heath and I discussed when approached with this offer .  Interesting to say the least!

“How long do peacocks live?”
“What do you call a female peacock?”
“I have heard that peacocks make quite a mess.  Is that true?”
“What kind of noises to peacocks make?”
“Are we getting roosters or all hens?”
“Does a guinea keep away rattlesnakes?”
“Can you eat guinea eggs?”
It was quite an interesting conversation and with very little knowledge, we did some research!  P.S. ~Domestic peacocks live to be 27 years old on average!

While I was at work, Dad and Heath went to get our newly adopted feathered friends.  We added to our own two chicken flock:  9 chickens, 3 guineas, and 1 peacock.  What a combination!

Better photos to come, this is the best I could get right now.  They will
be in pen for a few days until they get used to their new home.
They will also be separated from our girls until they get used
to each other.

Danny, Dad, and Heath were all working on Penney’s fence in the corral when I got home.  She has been leaning over the fence to much on some hay that we put there this summer.  She really enjoys her snacks.  This is life on the farm.

Such good help Penney is!

I SPY Kitty!  Can you find him?  He is hunting, what he does best!

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