Love Is....

Love Is....

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Art Reception

We have been preparing for weeks for the art show tonight.  When I was teaching that safety class back in August, they were taking all the art from the previous year off the walls.  I happened upon it at the right time because when I inquired about it, they told me they would introduce me to the Judy Amoo, the lady in charge.  She was fantastic!  She told me I was in perfect timing!

Tonight, as I was pulling into the Harms Center for our Art Reception and I got a call from Dad.  “I am in Kimball!”  We were expecting him Friday during the day, what an awesome surprise.  I invited him up to the college to our show, but he was ready to get to the farm and be with the doggies.

The show went great!  We had 5 pieces of art on the wall, three of my photos (two on metal-one matte and one shiny and one canvas) and two versions of horseshoe crosses.  It was awesome!  I had made invitations and mailed them out a few weeks earlier to invite people.  It was a great turn out with several artists there!  We had several people come out to support us!  THANK YOU!  :)

My handsome husband in front of one of our best selling crosses placed right by their
food court area in the college!

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