Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Birthday Weekend

Today has been an awesome day!  I took off my watch last night and all morning had no idea what time it was.  Time does not matter today, we are on vacation!  We do not have a schedule or some deadline to meet.  My goal this weekend is to rest and relax with my husband, my top earthly priority!  He has been working so very hard for us at his job and then coming home and working on our home/farm as well.  This weekend has been planned for quite a while.  I was able to keep it a surprise for him until we got in the car last night.

Once we arrived, late last night, we got all settled into our cabin, let the puppies use the bathroom, and checked out for the night!  We both slept really well with the sound of the river flowing by the windows of the cabin and the gentle breeze coming through the screens.  When morning came, I got up and ate some breakfast and read my Bible right next to my amazing husband.  It was awesome!  I was then able to settle back in for a bit more sleep.

Later, we took a drive just down the particular place, no particular hurry.  It was wonderful to let the doggies run, swim, and play fetch.  We all had fun!

The dog *LOVES* to RUN!


He *LOVES* to play FETCH!

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