Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wheat Harvest

We got up leisurely and walked over to the restaurant after we fed the puppies.  We got to eat outside and have a wonderful view of the stream and great company.  I was out talking so photos this morning and I ran into a couple of really nice people and one of them was at breakfast with her husband.  I gave her our card so that we could exchange recipes!

After breakfast we went back to the nice cool cabin and laid down to relax.  About five minutes until eleven, I decided I better walk up to the shop and see what time we needed to be out.  Turns out, I got disappointing news...we had to be out by eleven as there happened to be someone coming for our cabin, checking in today.  I was really sad as the weekend flew by so quickly, but it was wonderful!

We gathered our things and played with the doggies some more to wear them out for the ride home.  They both are such great passengers!

A little more fetch and swimming.

D*I*V*E right on in!

Action shot!

We were about to pass Stegall so Heath called his parents to see if they needed help with wheat harvest.  Turns out we were able to help!  We headed that direction, dropped the dogs off at the farm and headed for the field.  One of the combine drivers had to leave, so we picked up where he left off.  It was awesome!  I sat next to Heath and read to him and we talked and talked!

Heath said that his mama is known to bring supper to the field around 6 pm.  Oh boy, was I excited!  6 o'clock rolled around and there drove Barb sure as the sun.  By the time we finished our row, she had all the lawn chairs sitting out on the shady side of the van and when we arrived, she squirted all of our hands with soap and rinsed them with water.  I think she has done this before!  Supper was amazing and so is Barb!  :)

Some quick photos to capture the so still, so calm evening!

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