Love Is....

Love Is....

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ranch Photo Shoot

I have a quick story to tell.  Last night, we both fell asleep with the kitten still in the house.  Usually, he comes in and hangs out with us until we are ready to go to sleep then he goes outside to his little throne.  Well, I must have been super tired because when I woke up this morning, there was something furry wrapped around my head.  Total surprise because he is not usually there!

Well, I thought it was cute that he was all cuddled up by my head, so I let him stay there while I started  my morning reading.  I had my glasses on and I still think what happened next was innocent.  As I was reading, he saw my eyelashes batting and he just gently reached under my glasses to reach for them.  It was some sort of game.  *BOOM!*  It went black and I quickly closed my eyes.  A claw to the eyeball did not feel good at all.  Worried that I might damage it further, I put him outside and canceled my bike ride.  I actually went back to bed for a little while so that my eye could rest, shut.  When I got up, I realized there were still several hours until the doctor offices opened, so I just put on my glasses and rinsed it out with saline solution.

By the time my general doctor's office opened, I put in my first call to them.  This began a long game of phone tag which continued until nearly 2:30 pm.  Then, I got the call recommending that it would be best to go to my actual eye doctor.  They thought this would be better because this is her specialty, the eye.  I called my eye doctor and they told me that they could fit me in, to come in as soon as possible.  That was super nice of them because of the very short notice.  At this point, I was way up north in the middle of a photo shoot for my friend.  (I had to wait all morning to go to the ranch because the sun was not quite right for what I wanted to accomplish.)

My friend told me she wanted photos of cows and some of the natural landscape.  On my way to the shoot, I prayed that somehow, I could make a difference with my photography and just asked God to help me with it.  I drove until I found the cows and fortunately, someone was in pasture with a big semi, watering them.  Since the gate was open, I went on in and introduced myself.  Not much came out of that conversation, but a little while later, while at the photo shoot, I met another gentleman, Jake, who was coming to check on the cattle as well.  He was from South Africa!  Immediately, that was a lead in to tell him about my church and my pastor, Mr. Wayne Mundell, who is also from there.  I quickly thought of the cards that his wife had given me at my Bible study last week.  Searching through my purse, I could not find any, so I gave him our photography business card and wrote Wayne's number on it.  Our card has my favorite verse on the back, Psalm 143:8.  I hope that I see Jake again someday!

The pictures below are a sample of what I captured today at the shoot.

When I was finished with the photos, I wrapped it up for the day and headed to town.  The doc put some dye in my eye to see the damage of the scratch.  She told me that it was definitely right to the cornea and it was not a nice, clean, single scratch.  The puncture actually went all the way through the cornea and stopped at the next very hard layer, thank our good Lord!  She put me on an antibiotic eye drop for the next 48 hours and then called me in for a recheck.  At that point, she will reassess the situation and then either allow me to start wearing contacts part time, or continue to rest it with glasses.  No swimming for me this week since I cannot see a thing without my contacts!  It is ok, there is a plan and purpose for everything!  :)

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