Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

God Winks

~Lessons from my buddy Briggs~

Tuesday was my day off this week.  I was able to take into consideration what I have been learning from my wise counsel that I have been seeking.  As I am seeking to Become a Women after God's Own Heart (a book by Mrs. Elizabeth George), there are many things that I am striving to do and to become.  One of the biggest struggles with this that I have is the ability to "do it all."  I have the tendency to think that I am some type of super women who can do a list a mile long done in a single 24 hour day.  With this feeling comes the inability to know how to relax and enjoy just being.  For some, this may be the opposite problem where encouragement to get moving might be more effective.  For me, someone simply asking me, "What did you do for your self today?" is a great gentle reminder.  In order to give of myself to others, I must first be fulfilled through the Spirit as well as a fine balance in my life.  I am still convincing myself that it is okay to sit and enjoy what you have done.  Sometimes our greatest weakness is our greatest strength.  Although I do not know how to relax very well, I am productive for my family and my home, the relaxation is a work in progress.
Midday siesta!

My point to all this is that I had a really great day on Tuesday which carried over into my Wednesday.  In my women's study by Mrs. George, the chapters were about the simple things that you can do to serve others.  It is as simple as a phone call which she called "sunshine calls" to someone you love, care about, and are thinking about.  A hand written three sentence note to let someone know that you miss them or that you are praying for them.  An email, a today's world, there are so many ways to communicate our love to someone else.  Pick a way that works for you and just do it, is how she encouraged us yesterday.

Living out our God-given priorities is also something she was imparting on us in these last few chapters.  She worked us up through the beginning of the book to teach us what these priorities are that we need to have in place.  Then, once these are in place, we can start serving others with the overflow from serving God first, our husbands second, our kids third, our homes forth, disciplining ourselves to study, grow, and learn fifth, and then spilling over into the world and serving others in a ministry.

 All this being said, by living our priorities, we may be the only light that some people get to see.  Always remember the things that we do and do not do are so important as we are witnessing at all times whether we know it or not, we are planting seeds of life.

I was engaged in an unbelievable amount of "life" conversations today at work which was incredibly awesome.  This type of thing might happen often because of my social-ness, but when I am truly in the Word and seeking the Truth, I actually notice these conversations as God winks, as Pastor Wayne calls them.  They are brought to my attention as an opportunity to be a light.  Do not waste these opportunities!

Mya relaxing in the shade, man dogs are smart!

It's ok to take a break while folding laundry.
Jasper and Heath were working together.

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