Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I Followed the Recipe!

Last night, I made Heath some homemade cookies where I actually followed the recipe.  We all know that I am not good at following directions, especially in the kitchen, so I think he was pleasantly surprised.  One of his favorites the white chocolate macadamia nut turned out pretty good and then your generic cake cookies, easy but always good.  I made a few extra for Bible study tonight so Linda would not have to bake.  She is so sweet to always prepare a beautiful dessert of some sort.  We will only have one more study next week to wrap up a year of working through the Bible with Wayne and Linda's small group in their home.  What a blessing it has been!  We have been through alot this first year of our marriage and to have the steady weekly meeting in fellowship, was truly a gift.

Speaking of gifts, Monday, Heath had a job interview with WestCo, a local agricultural company.  He was not seeking out this opportunity at this point, but he got the call last week to set up an interview.  The interview went very well and they offered him the position in Gering at the dry edible bean elevator.  This is what he did at his previous place of employment, so he is already equip with the proper skills.  We have really been praying about this opportunity, seeking out God's timing with it, weighing the pros and cons.  We know that his Pepsi job provides no stress and a four day work week and the new job will include management and longer hours during harvest with better benefits.  Heath knows what is best for our family, our marriage, and his self fulfillment.  PRAYING, seeking God's wisdom.

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