Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, December 8, 2014

Saturday in Colorado

My trip to Colorado this past weekend was awesome!  I totally took my time and enjoyed the morning.  I left around 6:20 am and didn't get there until after 2 pm!  Since it was still dark when I left, I decided to hit the highway and go south, the Kimball route.  On my way, I texted my friend Jennifer with BeeHaven Roadside Market and told her to have a great Market as she was headed to the same market Heath was doing for us!  She texted me back, asking if I wanted to stop for some coffee.  I said that I would pass on the coffee, but come by to say hi and give Loki, her HUGE dog a hug.

When I got there, we started chatting over a cup of homemade, awesome tea that she made me.  We got all caught up and by that time, I had spent about 2 hours there.  SO worth it!  Blessings from God!

I continued to meander my way to see Dad.  When I got to Divide, I stopped by the local grocery store to pick up a few things for Dad's.  As I was looking over the beautiful produce, a man walked by.  Trying to take my time in the store and not rush in and out with my head down, on a mission (like usual), I lifted my gaze up and looked him in the eye and said a big, friendly, "Hello."  A random experience happened next.  We got to talking and some of it was about God, which was cool.  At this point, I wasn't sure where this was going, but I was in a public place after all.  A few minutes into the conversation, he learned that I was here to visit my dad.

He then asked me, "What does your dad like?"

"What??!"  I responded.

"Would he like some ice cream?"

"Well, yes, he would."  I responded, really not sure where this was headed.

As we were walking over to the freezer section of this small grocery store, he asked what kind Dad would like.  Thinking about the good ole' days, when Grandma and Grandpa (his parents) would have peppermint Schwann's ice cream around the Christmas season, I quickly spouted out, "Peppermint!"
Turns out, as we walked up to the front register to checkout, all the workers were saying hi to him.  Must be a local, I decided.

Sure enough, he paid for the ice cream for my dad and off he went to get his coffee and to chat with the locals as I headed up into the mountains to give my dad his peppermint ice cream.

When I arrived, I don't know who was more excited, the dogs or Dad.  We had a great time as we did some touring before it got dark.  The above photo is of the cemetery where my dad has been working.  He volunteers his time to beautify the grounds.  What a wonderful, humble man just like my husband.

After dark, we went inside and cooked some really good parmesan encrusted chicken breasts with fresh broccoli.  A little while later, he said that he had something behind that couch that he wanted to give me.  I like surprises.  Before he gave it to me, he hesitated, telling me it didn't turn out the way he wanted it to.  WOW, that was a surprise.  His friend is the artist and then his other friend put it in the frame.  The artist told him it would turn out a little "outlaw-ish" and it did.  What an special gift.  The charcoal used in the picture is from a fire of the old town hall right down the way from Dad's house.

Then, it was time to relax.  Dad and I did some reading by the fire while the dogs 'shared' their bed.  You can tell Briggs is just thrilled with the idea of Mya totally taking over.

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