Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, December 26, 2014

Relax and ENJOY!

It snowed and snoWED and SNOWED all day yesterday and all day today!  Thank you for a *white* Christmas and safe travels for my family to join together!  REJOICE, REJOICE IMMANUEL!

This morning Heath left before sunup for work, like usual.  I prayed and prayed and prayed for his safe return home.  I couldn't help myself to call him, probably before he even got to work, to see how the roads were.  He said snow packed and slow travel.  Later this morning, I called him again and he said alot of places were not even open or had a late opening due to the snow and weather.  This is winter in Western Nebraska.  It was absolutely beautiful for me, who was blessed to have the day off and get to stay home, but for the working folk, not so much.

I had a list of things to do today and enjoyed taking my time to get them done and enjoy them.  Late morning, I put on my coveralls and did chores.  It was fun because I took Penney and the dogs for a walk in the snow.  We all had a blast....see pictures below!  :)

Happy in the *SNOW!*

Lots of playing!


Beautiful barn with snow falling.

Out for a walk.

The farm covered in snow.

Buried deep!

"Let's go guys!"

Miss Penney.

Lovin' Life!

The dogs saw Penney rooting around in the snow, so
they followed suit.  Little did they know, she wasn't
hunting like they were, she was  actually eating the
fresh green grass under the snow.

They appeased me by posing!  :)

Heath is so excited because Mya is becoming a great pheasant hunter.

I love this photo....his smile!

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