Love Is....

Love Is....

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

One Car, One Cell Phone

Today, my little SUV was the only vehicle~not stuck or buried in snow~to get us off the farm this morning.  Thank goodness for my Honda!  Heath and I rode to town together early this morning.  Heath drove us to his work and once we got his Pepsi truck all warmed up, I made sure he could get rolling before I left.  Then, I headed to the Y to swim.  WOAH, it was slick out today.

About midmorning, Heath stopped by to tell me that he did not have his cell phone.  He thought that maybe it was in his car at home.  He had tried to get out in it this morning before finding out that it would not be able to clear the snow drifts.  I offered him my phone since I planned on being in the office all day, but he said he didn't need it.  By about 4 pm, I started getting worried.  I was just about to call his office headquarters in Alliance to see if he had left yet and then I planned to head down to Gering to the warehouse where we were this morning when he came walking in.  He was able to get a ride from someone who was on their way home.  Talk about perfect timing!  Thank you Lord!

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