Love Is....

Love Is....

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Sunday With Dad

On Sunday, I was instructed not to get out of bed until 9 am, at which point, Dad made some really good oatmeal for me.  Spoiled beyond all belief.  I got to read in bed this morning which was something I have really been wanting to do.

We didn't have a whole lot of time before Dad wanted me to get on the road, however, I was able to talk Dad and the dogs into a short hike.  It was a beautiful day as we hiked in our sweatshirts!  Pretty nice for December!

On my way home, I stopped just outside of Dad's town at a fresh mountain spring.  I filled my water bottles with the cold, clear, fresh mountain water.  It was awesome!  There were people coming to fill up the huge jugs you put on a Culligan water deal.

My car right next to the fresh mountain spring.

When I got home, Heath had the house all decorated with lights inside and out.  It was just stunning pulling up to this wonderful SURPRISE!  He had beautiful flowers sitting on the kitchen counter and all the Christmas boxes/decorations picked up and put away.  He is an AMAZING man.  I am blessed beyond belief.

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