Love Is....

Love Is....

Thursday, December 25, 2014

~Rejoice, Rejoice Immanuel!~

The good Lord brought together my new family today in celebration of His Son.  We got to share the day together gathered around the fire as the snow was gently falling outside, almost like a reminder of when I was a child.  We used to watch It's a Wonderful Life together.  Although those were great and wonderful times and I am now blessed with my own family, it doesn't erase those precious memories of my family all together.

We opened gifts from Mama.  Heath got 'bossy' socks as he calls them.
They have an "R" and and "L" on them.  LOL!  :) 

Kitty left me a Merry Christmas present in my lettuce that I
was attempting to grow....grow no more.  Thank you for the
fertilization Jasper!  GRRR...we just bought him a
new litter box and fancy litter for Christmas and
all he wants is DIRT!

Table all set and ready for company!

A surprise gift left on our back door last week
from Bussinger's.  Thank you!

Love this one.  He was helping me in the kitchen.

Fuzz with her horseshoe flower Heath made for her.

Briggsy helping Pa open his gifts, specifically his sausage.

Fuzz, Gram, and Justin opening presents.

Andrew with his new Bear's sweatshirt.


Modeling my new lingerie from Heath
and swimsuit from Barb.

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