Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, May 4, 2015

Way Cool Gazebo

Babe's Restaurant ~ Dallas, Texas Area

While in Texas in January, we saw this really cool country chic gazebo at a restaurant called Babe's.  Well, I had this wonderful idea that we could probably do something like this, kind of joking but halfway serious.  Sure enough, with my husband's lead (and labor), Garry's grain bin top (and labor), and my dad's encouragement (and labor) they began this endeavor.
  • Dig 4 holes for the iron.
  • Sink iron into the ground and concrete.
  • Set grain bin on top of iron.
  • Lots of drilling, this thing isn't going anywhere.
  • Lots of creativity to make this happen.  Lots of donated items also!
I was headed home from my TLC Mother's Day Mini Session Photoshoot, and this is what I saw as I was pulling into the drive!  What absolutely WONDERFUL men!

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