Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, May 29, 2015


With lots of rain and wonderful moisture, sometimes comes flooding. We experienced this when we got home from work. It looked like someone had sprinkled water all over our kitchen floor. Heath knew right away that something wasn't quite right.

Heath moved out our stove to get access to our dirt crawl space.  Thank goodness for all my daddy's hard work digging out tunnels down there earlier this spring.  Sure enough, it was exactly what Heath suspected, water....lots of it!

Determined to not let this ruin our supper, I talked him into leaving my stove plugged in so that I could make a hearty breakfast for supper meal. After all of his hard work under there, I knew he would be hungry! AND...we have lots of fresh eggs.

We used a five gallon bucket to pass up through the hole in the floor. He would fill it the best he could (space is super limited under there) and then pass it up to me through the kitchen hole (the secret hiding place). I would then carry the bucket full of muddy, watery mess through the dining room and out the front door to dump it AWAY from the house. Then, we would start over and while he was filling the bucket under the house, I would check on my eggs. :) TEAMWORK!

I don't deal well with messes, but we have good memories from this evening.  Marriage strengthener!

Supper turned out well despite the circumstances!

When Heath finally got as much as he could, he came up out of the hole and was covered from head to toe in mud. I sent him to our outdoor shower! WOW, is he a trooper!

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