Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Adding Natural Beauty

We loaded up the dogs and headed for Colorado early this morning.  When we arrived, I wasn't feeling acid was causing trouble so we stopped for a drink and potty break.

Watching the mutts during
their potty break.

Funny picture.  Drinks for Daddy.

Drink for Mya.

Drink for Briggs.

That Lovin' Feelin'

The place was loaded with people! We had come on a weekend of a tree sale. We were in search of trees to line our driveway! We also wanted a couple to go around the gazebo for shade and one Crimson King Maple to replace the big tree we had lost. The Crimson King is a purple leafed tree that we used to have growing up. They are absolutely beautiful and I have wonderful memories! I used to do my homework in our tree had at home! It was the perfect and logical place. I had a seat, a backrest, and a footrest and I could see everything that was going on!

Wow, what an experience this was at the tree farm today! The place was so huge that we had a personal guide through the trees. He was super knowledgeable and took us around on a golf cart to see the different variety of trees they had to offer. We had done some research and Heath knew what he wanted to line the drive with, so that helped narrow the choices down a bit. WOW~lots of trees! An absolutely gorgeous day with my hubby picking out trees that will add the natural beauty to our place and memories in the making!

We picked out Autumn Blaze Maples and Spring Snow Crabs for our driveway. We will alternate them along each side. The Autumn Blaze is a beautiful orange-red color in the fall and the Spring Snow flowers in white in the spring. We thought this would make a beautiful combination. Not 100% sure what we were looking to place next to the gazebo, we ended up with a blooming cherry of some sort. I don't exactly remember the names but it will be beautiful!

We had several gentleman wrap and load our trees. Thank you Garry for the use of your truck and Dad for the trailer! We were so grateful for the wonderful, knowledgable, helpful people that helped make this a wonderful experience for us!

Tied down and ready to roll!

If you look real close, you can still see our puppies through the jungle we created in the backseat! Before we left the last place, we grabbed a couple continually blooming lilac bushes to improve privacy around along the north side of our yard. We then stopped at one more place and found our Crimson King! Here I also found some $1 perennials. I had fun with that price!

We arrived home safely and got the trees unloaded. The doggies were so good today and were definitely ready to play when we got home.

A beautiful view with our new trees.  Heath just gave them
a big drink of water.

We concluded a wonderful day with a new smoothie recipe
we wanted to try.

Lots of color!  Natural beauty!

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