Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I have been struggling for weeks with acid reflux/heartburn.  Now it is so bad it is beginning to interfere with my life.  So, I decided to schedule an endoscopy exam to have it checked out internally.  Dr. Magana had an opening early in the morning today so I took it because I didn't even have to starve very no eating rules.  :)  I honestly didn't have a whole long time to get nervous about them shoving a camera down my throat.  They say they use the "no remember" drug so that you have no recollection of the procedure.

My sweet, sweet husband, Heath, took me into the surgery and then my mother-in-law, Barb, picked me up.  I was totally on drugs when she picked me up, so I really hope that I behaved!  I remember laying on her couch for hours until I finally woke up and Heath was there!  I am so thankful they were both there to help me today.  

They did find a mild hiatal hernia.  Basically, that means that my stomach is trying to get up my esophagus for some reason.  They gave me a some medicine to try and list of lifestyle changes to consider. are my new rules:
  • Raise the head of our bed.
  • No chocolate.
  • No citrus.
  • No spicy.
  • No tomatoes (acidy) - going to be hard this summer with our fresh garden tomatoes!
  • No caffeine - not a problem. 
  • Eat at least 1-3 hours before bed.  (For my morning workouts, I used to be finishing up my bowl of cereal as I pulled into the pool, but now, I just eat a little tiny bit before I go so that it will not be a problem with me being horizontal so quickly after I eat.)
Being so sick with this, I am trying a few other diet related things to see if they make it worse, better, or stay the same.  While at traveling home this weekend, I am going to try being gluten-free and avoid this point, I am willing to try anything to make it feel better.  Hopefully that medicine will kick in soon for my ROADTRIP!

Cozy *nap* time a few days prior!

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