Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Snow-In-May ~ Happy Mother's Day!

Well, 'playing-in-the-snow' is what we did first thing this morning.  Boy, were the dogs excited!

Gazebo with snow.

They helped me pick some lettuce for our
Sunday lunch....we had to do a bit of diggin'.

It was hard to locate, but TEAMwork and we found it!

Pretty barn!  Thank goodness we got that new roof on for the chickens.
As you can see, far left, Ms. Penney likes to be out in the elements!

I also picked a TON of dill so it wouldn't die
under the snow.  Learned to freeze in olive
oil in ice cube trays.  We will see how
they turn out!

I had fun setting our table!

Huge drifts on our got cancelled!

My wonderful chef husband created this meal!  The only thing I made
was the salad the dogs and I dug up together.

*THIS* is what life is all about:  *FAmiLY!*
Happy Mother's Day Mama!

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