Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nursery & TLC Mother's Day Mini Sessions

~Wild At Heart Photography~

Bless his heart, Heath went to TLC with me before church to help me finish setting up.  I had a table full of our horseshoe art to see if we could market it.  He helped me drag all of it in!

We then went to church to help in the nursery before I had to leave again.  Heath has really taught me to stretch in my serving.  If you would have told me three years ago that I would be helping in the nursery, I would have told you that I haven't ever changed a diaper in my life.  Turns out, I have since changed one (not the best experience as the little boy ended up running around without his pants on...I guess there is always next time!)

Going into the photoshoot, I had one person signed up for a 20 minute mini session.  By the end of the day, I ended up being blessed with five families.  I tried a new way of marketing this through a site that allowed me to post my event and then people could pay online and just come with their ticket.  I had one family do it this way!

First day of school shot...LOL!

What an awesome opportunity this gave me to interact and serve the kids, their parents, and their grandparents.  It was such a special time as some were baby photos, some families, some just kids....this was an affordable opportunity for families to get together for some shots....what better timing with Mother's Day a week from today.  So ~BLESSED~ to have this day to do this!

Check out these precious, just precious moments that I was able to catch (shared with their parent's approval).

~A special thank you to Krystal and TLC for the opportunity to do this!~

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