Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Church and Coop Party

I got to enjoy a beautiful view with my breakfast out on the back patio.  Mama has these BIG BEAUTIFUL peonies growing in her yard.  These SO remind me of my Grandma June.  She had these lining her driveway at her old house.  You could smell their *wonderfulness* from sitting in her amazing hammock placed between two of the biggest trees you have ever seen!  I wonder if we could get these to grow in Western Nebraska!?!!  (P.S. Doesn't my Mama do a wonderful job keeping up all of that yard all by herself!?!!)

Can you see that large Christmas tree, tree in the background?  It's so large the whole thing doesn't even fit in the picture.  I can remember mowing around these trees back in high school.  They were  so tiny then.  Growth is one change that really reminds me how fast time is going by.  To live each day to the fullest with sights set on God.  His beauty surrounds us daily and if only I take a moment to be thankful before another day goes by!

Modeling an peony flower arrangement
with weeds!  My favorite type of

Crazy cool sunlight in this photo.
It is coming in from the back stairway that
goes from my bedroom down to the kitchen!


This afternoon we helped Mama prepare for our Coop party.  It was such a blessing to have so many of my childhood friends and family join us.  It is always so hard to get together with everyone you want to see in such a short time frame when you are home.  I absolutely love that, ever since I moved out west, I think every time I have been home for one reason or another, Coop has always gotten together.  This is SUPER special to me!  My cousin Susan even came with her family to visit.  Wow, have her handsome little boys gotten big.  Suz used to babysit us and we would have food fight wars and play school and Ms. Minchin and one of my all time favorite games, Forest!  I was raised in the country and it is hard for that piece of my background to ever leave me.  I cherish it and would love to share that with others.

Weedy arrangements = Natural Beauty!

Monroe's even came!!!!!


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