Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, June 18, 2017

It's Race Day!

In the Spirit of JOY ~ what a great way to spend the Lord's day.  The whole day was blessed by our good Lord.  It was just unbridled pure joy to be with these special people today!

First thing this morning, Heath took me to a Krispy Kreme doughnut store to make a purchase to surprise his Aunt Tiny.  (She really enjoys these donuts and has a hard time finding them.  Heath is always so good at surprises and remembering people's preferences.)  Usually, I would probably stay in the car, but Heath suggested I go in with him this morning.  Much to my surprise, I quickly learned on days their "Hot Now" sign is illuminated out front, go on in for a fresh, hot FREE doughnut right off the line!  What a neat tradition they have to share the joy!

We took the fresh doughnuts over to Bill's house and ate them on their beautiful veranda as the waterfalls splashed in the the background.  It was lovely, sitting with Tiny and Barb just chatting.  Shortly after our nice visit, it was time to head to Justin, Texas.  TEXAS MOTOR SPEEDWAY.  Last July for Heath's birthday, my mom, his mom, and I all went together to get him a race car driving package through Team Texas (  His dad and brother had both done it and thought he would really enjoy it.

He is SOOOO incredibly H*A*N*D*S*O*M*E and all mine!!

We had originally scheduled a date for this driving school back last year, but it got weathered out.  How perfect was it that Barb chose to come down and share in the joy.  When we booked this date in June, we had no idea it was Father's Day.  It was meant to be because Barb got to spend her Father's Day with both of her boys!

They had classroom/garage training then on-course training!

Barb had really been wanting to take her boys out to eat somewhere and we got to do that today too!  She took us all to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen (  I know Heath and Bill both like this place because Bill took Heath here last year for his birthday.  It is phenomenal food and an awesome environment.  It is always packed which is an excellent sign!

This couldn't describe my man better!

We ended this wonderful day poolside at Bill's house.

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