Love Is....

Love Is....

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Thankful for Time

After I got off work this afternoon, I stopped by the Bonnie Wenk Dog Park and took myself for a lovely walk along several trails (concrete, but still surrounded by big trees).  It was nice and hot.  I started out walking, but then had the strong urge to run.  Soon, I realized that the shoulder still plays a very important role in running.  Due to limitations, I would run short intervals which worked as my interval training.  Whenever my heart rate would drop below 100 bpm, I would settle into a little run, then walk again until my heart rate dropped to around that 100 bpm range and then run again.  It was fun and it took care of my need to run for the moment.  You get to see more trail that way much faster.  :)
I took full advantage of my half day at work and visited a farmer's market after my walk!  This is one I'd been wanting to experience for a long time, so I stopped!  This farmer's market is located in  the beautiful Adriatica area.  I purchased some fresh, locally grown, perfectly imperfect kale, arugula, peaches, and asparagus.  The arugula had been attached by some beetle and the peaches had little dimples in them.  Embrace the imperfections of nature in it's natural form.  YUMMY!  I look forward to creating something fun with these  stunning ingredients!
Heath was home when I got home, so that was an awesome surprise.  We didn't have any oblications, so both had the opportunity to relax.  (I worked on our new scrapbook.)  I had NO idea what time it was, but I was getting hungry so I made us some nachos.  After we were finished, I asked Heath, "So what do you want for supper?"  He laughed and just shook his head.  I eat ALL the time!  Apparently, this was supper since it was 6:30 pm.  I happily went back to scrapbooking after we ate.

Suddenly, I got up from the table and walked into the bedroom.  I came back out wearing my bike clothes.  I sort of surprised myself as well as Heath.  He was very curious as to what I was doing until I informed him that I was getting antsy and need to go for a bike.  It was getting dark, so it would be on trainer, of course.  He addressed this thought with a better idea, something easier on the shoulder...."How about a walk instead?"  he offered.

I knew he was probably right, so I went ahead and changed clothes again.  I quickly texted Raquel to see if she was up for a quick night run (no sunlight, a bit cooler).  (Run/walk, same thing right?!)  She wasn't able to run, but said I could swing by.  She lives about 1.5 miles from me, so I headed that direction after putting on my reflective vest, blue blinking light, and filling my water bottle.

It was truly my intention to just briefly stop and say hi and head back to Heath.  Upon arrival, she invited me in and  soon her son told me all about his most recent visit to Cooper Aerobic Center and about riding bikes with a stellar athlete/friend while his mom worked out.  Raquel and Gilbert set the best example for their kids, teaching them and showing them the importance of actively seeking to be healthy!

Heath and I had agreed that I didn't have to take my phone since I was just going for a short run. When I left Raquel's, I asked her text my phone so that Heath would know I was on my way home.  Somehow, all my adventures this week have turned into social ones.  I learned my lesson tonight = c-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-i-o-n.  Also, when going for a run by myself at night, take phone and tell my husband when I will be stopping by a friend's house....that way he can assume that I *accidentally* started talking again instead of getting worried or sending out a search team!  Lesson learned.  Let's just say that I am a slow learner and I have a very patient husband!  I am blessed!

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