Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Morning Ride

I woke up this morning ready to roll, so I hopped on my bike (on my deck).  A little unsure the noise from my trainer would wake our neighbors, I soon decided it was after 8 am so it would be alright.  I left Heath still sleeping, all tucked in and in the dark.  Into my closet I went, by feel - not wanting to turn on the light and wake him up.  I felt around for my bike shorts (cushion galore), so they were easy to find, then next drawer - tanks - whatever was on top!  Honestly, couldn't even told you what I wore this morning other than I know for sure I sweated ALOT.

First, get dressed, then air up my tire and adjust the tension on the back tire.  Set up my laptop, pick a workout, and get my sensors connected via the help of bluetooth.  Wait, I forgot that I had a couple spoons of freshly ground peanut butter and some almond milk before filling my bike bottle with water and tart cherry juice.  (The cherry juice is supposed to reduce inflammation which I am currently fighting in my right shoulder.)

"Stop messing around Kinsey, just get on your bike!  The longer you mess around, the shorter time you have to make and eat breakfast before church."  It's amazing to me that I actually mess around alot more when my workout is right out on my balcony vs. driving all the way to the gym.  I amaze myself sometimes.....sigh!

Still learning my new watch and how everything works, it took me a few tries to get it all working together.  Turn on the fan and push play AND GO ~ finally.  I chose a 60 virtual ride with people that must be from another country because they ride on the left side of the!  Here is the link if you are curious:  We did intervals which got pretty intense towards the end.  I hung with them though and really got my heart rate going, dug deep into those gluts.

60 minutes came and went...After a short cool down (incorporated into the workout), I quickly jumped off the bike, released the tension from my back tire, grabbed my computer, flipped my bike shoes off, and ran to the shower.  About 10 minutes later, I was showered, hair dried, fully clothed in a cute sundress (to match Heath's Hawaiian shirt) and making my smoothie.  I grabbed a protein-packed homemade muffin and my smoothie on the way out the door.

{Smoothie recipe was a grab and go:  scoop of old fashioned oats, almond milk, tart cherry juice, handful of frozen cherries (will stain your hands red), half a frozen banana, and ice.  Blend in Nutribullet for a few seconds and ta-da it's already in a serving cup for the road.}

Our drive to church is only a few minutes.  I try really hard not to employ the use of my cell phone during those few precious moments with Heath.  Instead, trying to focus on the beauty around me.  When we arrived at church, I was still sipping down my smoothie.  Once we entered the building we were welcomed with incredible energy.  One of the things I love about Rhea's Mill Baptist Church ( is the wonderful mix of age groups.  This church has a vibrant children's ministry, young couples, up to aging seniors.  It is incredible to find such a wide array of ages to all learn, share, and fellowship with one another.

Speaking of which, I so look forward to my time I will spend with Mrs. Gound tomorrow.  She offers such inspiration and wisdom.  I will just give you a heads up, she got a new toy called a Cricut 3 and we get to work with it tomorrow!  Like two kids in a candy shop, watch out world!

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