Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, August 18, 2014

Crazy Day Off

Handsome young man!  Look at those pretty teeth!

First thing this morning, I called the school to tell them the kids would be late due to a routine orthodontist appointment.  Then, we were off!  I went with the boys to the orthodontist at 8 am.  Andrew had his routine check-up and Justin got his braces off!  Although I 'go' with both of them, Andrew does not allow me to go into the back with him, but Justin does.  So, I just sit at the end of Justin's chair instead of Andrew's, even though Andrew is right next to him.  LOL!  Everybody wins, Andrew is happy I am not with him, Justin could care less, and I am happy to be with both of them, listening to the doctor's orders.  This time, I got to catch up with one of the techs who is also a photographer.  She is super nice and we exchanged information so that we could do a shoot together sometime!

After Andrew was finished, I took him to school and I was heading back to the orthodontist when Justin called and said he was done already!  He was having some aches and pains, so I gave him the information on the chiropractic appointment I had made, which he headed to next.  All in all, he was out of school way less than I thought with all that he got done!

Heath was able to meet Justin at the chiropractor's office because I had to get to an appointment. This was Heath's first Monday off with his new route! He now has the amazing blessing of running the local route for Pepsi instead of the Alliance route. This is so awesome in so many ways, one being a four day a week route! We are both pretty excited about it.

Since garden season ended at TLC, I have been casually looking for a full time job opportunity.  I am absolutely loving the transition at TLC from Garden Center to Marketing, however, I have just been keeping my eyes open for other full time opportunities back in agriculture.  I have applied to Monsanto, UNL Panhandle Research Station, 21st Century, looked into starting up my own chicken processing business, and probably some more I opportunities I cannot even think of right now.  After my last job rejection, I decided to finally let go of the whole 'job thing.'  I finally gave this area of my life over to God and decided I am completely happy doing what I am doing at TLC.  It is fun to work with the girls, we have a happy, upbeat, no drama office, lots of customers, and lots of funny stories of lessons learned from the Spa, Garden Center, and Home Decor parts of the store.

Last Friday, Krystal, my boss and friend, had called me to tell me that there might be a better job opportunity for me at 21st Century.  She told me that this might be a better fit for me than the other positions I had applied for previously.  I have, of course, been very open with them about my job searching.  Shocked, I listened to what she was about to tell me.  Somehow my resume must have come to the top again as a position at Water Technologies had opened up.  I profusely thanked her and told her that she did not have to do that.  What a great person to be able to recommend me for a job when she wants me to stay on with TLC.  I made a phone call and ended up getting a call back from the hiring manager Friday evening to set up an interview for Monday morning.

At 10 am, I went in for an interview at 21st Century Water Technologies.  It went very well as far as I could tell.  The one thing I stressed was that my family is my number one priority.  The position I interviewed for is an 8 am-5 pm, five day-a-week job which is perfect.  I will be home in the mornings to get the boys off and I will be gone the same hours they are gone with school and sports and other extracurricular activities.  How perfect to be in agriculture (40 hours/week is unheard of~usually nights, weekends, harvest, etc.) with an excellent company, right here and not having to relocate?!  We will see what the good Lord has in mind for me next!

After my 10 am, I decided that I might as well stay in town since Heath's doctor's appointment started at 1 pm.  So, I went over to the Splash pool to get my swim workout in.  Being my first day at the new pool (until my Y.M.C.A. pool has been renovated), I was very impressed.  Judy was there at the front desk to greet me and she was super nice!  I actually got to swim outside!  I threw on my suit and some sunscreen and got after it.  I was able to get my whole workout in, a shower, and to Heath's appointment on time!

He was scheduled for a nerve conduction study today.  They stuck him with bunches of needles and used electricity to test different nerves in his arms to confirm that he has carpal tunnel.  Sadly, they recommended surgery on both arms.  He does sleep in a brace that is supposed to help them not get so pinched, but long term fixing would require surgery.  We will have lots to think about and to consider.

I am so glad that I had today off with Heath and was also able to be there for the kids this morning!

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