Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

God Wink!

WOW God!  How amazing it can be when you are faithful!  This morning, after my early morning workout, I showered and then walked out of the Y.M.C.A. to the river to sit on my bench and read my Bible.  I am still plugging away at reading the Bible.  Our Bible study leader, Pastor Wayne, challenged us to read it in a year.  I am way behind, but I will not give up, so I sat down and finished the chapters I had been working on for quite some time.  It felt good.  I felt like I had really accomplished something.  A quick prayer of thanksgiving and off I go to the next thing in my day.

I needed to turn in my timesheet for the classes I taught up at the college and pay for my photography class coming up before heading to work.  Leave it up to me, as I headed up to the college, I somehow ended up taking the scenic route.  My plan was to be there right at 8 am when I assumed they opened and then head right over to TLC.  But, God had a different plan for me this morning.

I pulled up and decided to let my pickup idle while I quickly went inside.  As I was walking into the building, I stopped at the front desk to talk with Pat.  As we were talking, a lady came walking down the hall with a big load of trash.  She appeared to be on a mission, but got distracted by our conversation.  Pat was just telling me that the photography class was now on Thursday evenings instead of Wednesday evenings.  I told him how happy that made me because I would not have to miss my Bible study.  When she heard both of those topics:  God and photography, she stopped and we got to talking.  She was hungry for the Word and wanted to come to Bible study, so, being Wednesday evening, I invited her!  I do not know how that just sort of came out and I hadn't even talked with Wayne or Linda yet to invite her to their home.  With her interest, I had her come out to the pickup to exchange information.  It was perfect because my Bible was in my front seat and still easily accessible.  I was able to find her one of Pastor Wayne's business cards with his contact info.  I also gave her a tract that Wayne and Linda had challenged us to give out last week.  And last but not least, I gave her Heath and I's card with our number on it.  With all of this and a nice conversation about God and what he is doing in our lives, I hugged her and left the college on cloud nine!

Photo of our lovely Pastor, Wayne, and his wife, Linda, taken by Mr. Bill Senkel.
This is where all the encouragement began!

I immediately called Wayne and texted Linda to tell them what I had accidentally done without asking. first  We got it all worked out and I was hoping that since she got tied up tonight with classes starting that she would come on Sunday.  "Keep praying for her," said Wayne.  SUCH a God thing!  Thank you Lord for the encouragement!  :)

The rest of the day was just great considering such a great morning with a great w/o (workout), my lady at the college, working with Krystal at TLC, a lovely lunch on the Emporium patio with my good friend Kristin, and then Bible study at Wayne and Linda's house and getting to share about my day and see my husband!!

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