Love Is....

Love Is....

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mitchell Tiger Football

Tonight, I got to be a Football Mom.  So exciting!  It was definitely a humbling experience.  My boss let me off a bit early when I got a late text saying that the football dinner had been moved up.  That was the first awesome thing, then when I arrived at the park in Mitchell, the shelter was absolutely beautiful.  They had put down black and orange table clothes and had two grills going under a tent.  It smelled and felt like fall tonight.  There were two kinds of drinks and beautiful hand decorated Mitchell Tiger paw print black and orange chocolate and vanilla cupcakes on the tables.


The other moms there were so nice and accepting of me.  It was awesome!  Then, before supper we were all gathered together to pray and one of the student-athelete's stood up and asked to take the prayer.  Justin stood by me and held my hand, in front of everyone, as we prayed.  I was so humbled that he wanted to hang out with me as he was telling me story after story.

What a great evening for this wonderful meal.  I hope that I can help out more not only to get involved and meet people, but to be there for Justin to show him how much I love him.


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