Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday with My Family

It was super fun today to have all my boys home.  They worked around the house and garden.  Heath and Andrew did alot of garden harvesting today!  Justin went to help Shayne in the afternoon.  I got to make homemade ice cream, chocolate custard, and fancy chocolate chip cookies.  It was really fun to relax and cook all day and not worry about anything else.

Beautiful, bountiful harvest!

Something is getting to our carrots before us!

After I finished up with my fun baking day to music, I followed through on my commitment to Andrew.  He had asked me earlier in the day when I could teach him to ride Penney.  So, we put on our jeans and boots and headed for the corrals. He did a very good job listening to me and I felt like it was a really good bonding moment as we were working together through Penney while a storm was approaching.  It was really fun and I think he enjoyed it too!

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